The early years

Dave A. Duncan

Like most kids born in the late 70s, I was raised on Saturday morning cartoons, the best movies of all time and lived through the bleakness of grunge.

After finishing high school in suburban Toronto, I headed first to the University of Ottawa to study modern languages, and finally to the University of Waterloo, where I fell in love with professional writing.

Dave the writer

After a series of co-op placements as a technical writer, I finally found my niche in corporate communications roles where I enjoy the challenges that come with sharing information in a corporate setting.

One of my current areas of interest lies in capturing audience attention with corporate communications in an information-rich world where creative engagement is a necessity.

At home and abroad

My wife Danielle and I were married in the fall of 2007 near our cottage in the Ottawa Valley. We like to spend as much time there as possible, which is usually about as long as we can put up with the lack of running water.

If we’re not at the cottage during our time off, we’re either visiting family in friends in Ottawa or Montreal, or traveling the world.

We recently completely renovated our home, which was an adventure to say the least. We had our first child in July of 2011, (Sebastian) and our second son (Christian) in September 2014 and one of their best friends is our Shar-Pei/Black Lab Cross named “Mojo”.