Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

As someone who is both creative and technically-oriented by nature, my hobbies tend to satisfy both those seemingly disparate parts of my personality.

Dave's Gretsch

An axe to grind

I’ve been playing guitar since 1996, and am entirely self-taught. I love the challenge of figuring out how to play the songs I hear regularly, or figuring out new sounds on my own. Since I originally started learning so I could play around the campfire while camping or at the cottage, I have a soft spot for my acoustic guitar, and I really enjoy performing and singing for anyone who will listen.

Dave's Cottage

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Communicating ideas is all about telling a story in a way that speaks to an audience. Seeing my role as a communicator, that way led me very quickly to the world of photography. While I’m only an amateur, and it shows with my limited gear, I love finding a way to share an idea in a way that resonates with people.

My photos have been shown at a number of small gallery shows in the past, but the majority hang in my personal gallery at home.

Dave's Cottage

A place to get away

As a lover of the outdoors, I go camping and canoe-tripping any chance I get, but most of my outdoors time is spent with my family at our cottage in the Ottawa Valley. Originally a one-room schoolhouse, it’s been in my family for generations and has changed little in that time. It has no running water, and minimal electricity, but it’s a great place to get away from it all.

I love to get up there whenever I can to read, play music, spend quality time with my family and friends and to work in the great outdoors. While there is always wood to be split and repairs and renovations to be done, it’s still more relaxing than being at home.